Tor Needs Exit Nodes – Help Them Out!

It is no surprise that Tor needs more exit nodes. It is also not surprising that few people volunteer to host one. When you hear stories of people getting raided by the police for hosting a Tor exit you are bound to think twice. I’ve been wondering if there was a way to help facilitate more exit nodes without having to host one myself. I thought it would be nice if those of us who support Tor could make donations to help those that are willing and able to run the nodes. It turns out that we can do that very thing. The Tor Project refers people to four charities that run nodes. They need donations to keep going. The four are: (Germany)

Noisebridge (San Francisco)

Nos-Oignons  (France)

DFRI  (Sweden)

Check them out and make a donation if you can. I did. Remember, every little bit helps.  If you have other ideas on good ways to help please leave a comment.



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